Love is in the air and different shades of red are scattered around the internet; more prominent than the real world, I should add, and I keep asking myself, why don’t we celebrate love every day?

George Sand (the great Aurore) once wrote: “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”. There are different layers to one’s happiness of course, but aren’t we all looking for the same thing at the end of the day? To know that someone cares to no end for us?

I’m getting off topic though.

Today is (was?) the day of love and I cherished all the sweetness surrounding our office and the people I work with (most of whom are family members; we are, after all, a family business!) And looking around the room, while we exchanged smiles and Valentine greetings, I started thinking about the meaning of love for generations before us.

Although I knew there had been a specific day for our ancestors designated as “the day of love”, I never knew the details of Sepandārmazgān.

Marking the fifth day of the 12th month of the Iranian calendar in the modern era, this festival has many similarities to Valentine’s celebrations. It is the day of love after all, and the gestures of showing one’s adoration have an international language. We exchange gifts, laugh and drink and dance; and above all, we eat!(too bad they didn’t have Farside products back then, eh?)

It is important to note that on this day, women were greatly appreciated; their men would dote on them and spoiled them with gifts;  they were treated like princesses and queens. One could actually assume that they got to rule on Sepandārmazgān perhaps?

You can read all about this joyous event and the origin of its name hereBelieve me, I know citing wikipedia is not the most professional habit, but I can’t really just go around cite Farsi references now can I?

Some could say that I’m a romantic (although my best friend shall beg to differ!) but I am truly and easily touched by the smallest gestures. A flower there, a nice text message here; I even tear up at a nice, melodic music. Well, I mean…it wouldn’t be horrible to be treated to a nice spa day now and then!

But a flower would do too!

So as one hopeless romantic to another, I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day.

And to those of you that are rocking it in the new era, a very happy Galentine’s Day.




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