Summer is finally here; Foodies, be prepared!

Now some of you may not agree with this (especially since it was pouring rain today in Vancouver like it was mid-November) but summer is finally here; although for some of us, it had arrived months ago!

But wherever you live in this vast universe, whether warm and sunny or breezy and wet (yes West Coast Canada, I’m talking to you) you should at least try and get into the summer spirits.

For many people out there, summer comes along with the salty smell of the ocean and the crisp weather of late afternoons. Beach bodies and tanned skins seem inevitable as well.

For foodies, like myself, summer comes along with a specific taste (well much like any other season I suppose. We are passionate about food after all!) The time calls for BBQ and blueberry ice cream; exciting salads and watermelon/cucumber Gazpacho.

The time also calls for “Ab Doogh Khiar”, a very delicious, very easy, super refreshing Iranian summer dish.

Now, don’t go wrinkle your nose once I explain to you what “Doogh” actually is.

You know yogurt right? Add water to plain yogurt and voila! You’ve made yourself some delicious home-made Doogh…your nose is not wrinkled anymore eh?

So we’ve accomplished what Doogh is, the rest is very simple. Add chopped walnuts, raisins, diced Persian cucumber, fresh chopped mint, parsley, Basil and dill. In our household, we always added as many fresh herbs that we could find; that’s one of the beauties of Persian dishes.

You can also add Sangak or Lavash bread (you can find both in most Persian stores) to the mix and make your experience more “traditional”.

Here’s a link to a great and simple recipe for this delicious summer dish. Karen sure knows how to explain every step of the recipe.



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