Noon, Panir,Sabzi

It’s all about simplicity and health.

“What’s for dinner?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in every household in the world.

I vividly remember hearing it (and later, asking it) when I was growing up. And now as a married woman living with a husband who’s helpful in the kitchen, but lacks any special talents when it comes to cooking, I’ve found myself facing the same question on a daily basis. Having a full-time job and lacking some serious special “talents” of my own has proved to be a huge drawback when it comes to cooking. Therefore, more than once a week my answer is a small pout and a simple “I’m not sure”!

However, being in the food business and knowing the importance of healthy eating somehow forces me to roll up my sleeves and challenge myself in the kitchen. And again, more than once a week the outcome of my so-called “praise the chef” duel is simple: Noon, Panir and Sabzi!

What is “Noon, Panir and Sabzi” you ask?

“It’s the most delicious afternoon snack,” that’s my best friend’s definition of the meal with a firm emphasis on the word “afternoon” and an eye-roll whenever I tell her about our potential dinner extravaganza!

But all jokes aside, I have been told countless times that my table setting for Noon 0 Panir o Sabzi (which literally translates to bread, cheese and herbs) is beautiful; (and it’s obviously irrelevant to point out that those “people” is limited to my family and friends!)

If you would like to know more about this tasty light meal that has various roles, from breakfast to dinner and from an “afternoon” snack to a full nutritious meal, read this awesome blog post by Karen on Globetrotter Diaries and let me know what you think.

Are you up for a “praise the chef” challenge anytime soon?


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