Never Say Never!

My friend’s quest in finding happiness…through Ash-e-Doogh!

Have you ever been in a situation where you eyed a specific food with cautious, but deep down knew that you “had” to eat it anyway? Because the person who made it was hovering over you and watching every little reaction on your face?

Well, I haven’t to be quite honest! For one thing, eating a new dish is a hobby of mine and second, I never eye any kind of food with caution. (unless they were made from ingredients outside of the normal realm)!

So you can only imagine my surprise when a dear friend of mine refused to try Ash-e-Doogh when I had already told her all about the deliciousness of this Iranian soup.

She hadn’t been to Iran since she had immigrated to the US with her family when she was a toddler. She was, of course, familiar with Persian food and soups, but she had never had this white and creamy piece of heaven!

“Are you mad?” I’d ask her, when she wrinkled her nose and looked away, “You’re not going to even try it?” I pouted; I had planned the whole day just to finish it off with Ash-e-Doogh! And now here she was, declining my attempts to try one of my most favorite soups.

After a 10 minute pleading on my end and stubbornness from hers, I had had it!

I did something that was never in my parents’ booklet when raising me.

I ate both soups and requested the third one; all the while challenging my friend to dare and stop me!

“It has Doogh in it, how can you eat it?” she finally asked, when I was half way through the third bowl, “I can never eat something like that!”

She was right to some extent. The mixture of Doogh (a savory type of soda yogurt) and beans, with different vegetables and beef (or lamb), might sound a little all over the place. But once the soup is bowling and making all those little bubbles, it is hard to think about anything else but savoring the taste in your mouth!

I’m not going to bore you with how I finally managed to get my friend to try Ash-e-Doogh (for the sake of our friendship and maybe even legal issues!) but suffice to say, she learned the true meaning of “never say never” as she has mastered the art of preparing Ash-e-Doogh and feeding it in almost every gathering she has!

If you also would like to treat yourself to an appetizing dish that’ll put you on your friends’ top of the “who entertains better” list, check out this exciting post on “Honest and Tasty”. Bita sure knows how to make this soup.




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