Mazafati Dates: a staple of Ramadan

There are these certain things and memories that always remind me of Ramadan.

For example, whenever I look back at my younger years, I remember how I yearned to become older so I could start fasting; a concept that was obviously rooted in my mind by the society since no one in my family would fast as I was growing up.

Later, and after a few failed attempts of becoming an “adult” and being a devout Muslim, I simply settled for the festivities of the month instead. I tried to wake up before sunrise, eat a nutritious breakfast, which contained dairy products, bread, butter, a full pot of Persian back tea, my mother’s famous Persian style beef cutlets and of course, fresh dates. I would also enjoy a full meal during iftar (at sunset, when you would break your fast for the day). Iftar for me was always complete with a bowl of Ash Reshteh (an Iranian thick soup), Zoolbia-bamieh (a delicious Iranian sweet), a full pot of Persian tea and of course, fresh dates!

Now to be quite honest, dates weren’t exactly my “cup of tea” growing up. They always seemed too sweet for my taste (I lacked some serious sweet tooth when I was younger, a characteristic which I wish I had kept now that I’m older)

But fresh dates, and more specifically, Mazafati dates, had a constant presence in our house; there seemed to be a box full of them in our fridge whenever I opened it, and my father simply refused to eat anything else with his afternoon tea!

However, when you live in that part of the world it just seems hard not to fall in love with this fruit; and for good reason, if I may add!

Mazafati dates (and dates in general) haven’t become a staple in my household; because unlike me, my husband has kept his lack of love for sweet things since childhood! But during the holy month of Ramadan, they are a staple in so many households.

They are, after all, a great source of fiber, sugar, magnesium, potassium and carbohydrates which make the fruit a slower digesting food, something that one needs during the long hours of fasting.

So whether or not you are a Muslim celebrating Ramadan as of tomorrow, I still recommend you to try Iranian Mazafati dates. You can enjoy them with a fresh cup of tea or coffee, add them to your daily smoothie (after carefully removing the pit of course) or stuff it with your favourite cheese. And if you enjoy bacon, I encourage you to wrap a mazafati date in a bacon and fry them together; the taste is exquisite.

And while you’re at it, why not look for our premium Mazafati Dates in stores? Nothing can beat Farside Mazafati Dates.




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  • M.C. Warrior

    Would like to know where to buy your dates in the Nanaimo area.

    • Marketing

      Hello. Unfortunately, we are not selling in your area right now. Our dates are only available in Vancouver, the Northshore, Surrey, and Burnaby. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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