Exceptional Winter Snacks…or is it?

It goes without a say that I consider myself a foodie; (I think that’s quite obvious from the blog posts I write!) Someone who is always up for trying new things and is willing to take the risk of tasting the weirdest looking foods; sometimes, even against my better judgment!

But hey, ce la vie! Non? Why not be adventurous every once in a while? Especially for someone who is almost afraid of any kind of outdoor-indoor adventure, eating mysterious foods seems more fitting!

But I have to confess, even my taste buds have limits! And there are obviously foods and snacks that I dislike (hate is a strong word, one that I can’t associate).

And with sorrow and guilt in my heart, I have to say that “Laboo” (beet) is one of those rare items!

This root vegetable is without a doubt a “beloved winter snack for Iranians” according to Panita Fallahi.

When the weather starts to get cold, the street food vendors are scattered all around cities, providing people with streaming hot Laboo.

But even I must admit that the whole experience is fascinating. The beautiful burgundy colour of the snack, the deep reddish tinted juice that the vendor pours on top of the whole stack every once in a while and the faint steam line that is oh so welcoming more than anything; the mere sight can turn anyone’s knees into jelly!

For me, it only serves as a joyous, cold weather image!

I wish I could find the sweet taste of Laboo to my liking! But unfortunately, to me, even the homemade Laboo my mother makes when the vegetable is in the season is not alluring! “You are a disgrace to your own kind,” my sister says, as she adds little-chopped pieces of Laboo to her salad, to her yogourt, and if she could, even to her morning shakes! “You don’t appreciate life to the fullest!” my best friend reacts when we venture the streets of Tehran in the cold, and my only reaction to her “Laboo” invitation is an impolite snort!

I know I’m here to tell you only the good stuff; to hold your hand while I take you on a journey of learning about a new culture, new cuisines, and new experiences.

But hey, don’t mind me!

I may be ignorant to some beauties! I may even be out of my mind!

I am, after all, a disgrace to my own kind!


Or in my case, run like the wind!



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