Exceptional Winter Snacks…or is it?

It goes without a say that I consider myself a foodie; (I think that’s quite obvious from the blog posts I write!) Someone who is always up for trying new things and is willing to take the [...]

Never Say Never!

My friend’s quest in finding happiness…through Ash-e-Doogh! Have you ever been in a situation where you eyed a specific food with cautious, but deep down knew that you [...]

Noon, Panir,Sabzi

It’s all about simplicity and health. “What’s for dinner?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in every household in the world. I vividly remember [...]

Persian Rice and Tahdig

How to Cook Traditional Persian or Premium Quality Basmatti Rice and TahDig When you think of a Persian feast, what comes to mind? Kebabs, stews, yoghurts, fruit? An abundance of saffron? And [...]