Working under the umbrella of the Marvel Food Corporation, we are a diverse group of people in North Vancouver, BC., passionate about high quality, healthy, and flavourful foods originating in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

We developed the Farside brand and the Farside line of traditional Iranian food products for the retail and foodservice markets, to bring authentic Persian cuisine to the Canadian and North American marketplace. Our goal is to make it easy for food lovers everywhere to enjoy authentic, traditional Iranian dishes at home, without spending hours on preparation.

Discover how easy it is to enjoy authentic Persian cuisine made by hand with fresh Iranian ingredients. Prepared in small batches following traditional and time-honoured recipes from the beautiful shores of the Caspian Sea to the Coral Coast of the Persian Gulf — Farside traditional Iranian foods are brought to you in convenient, ready-to-eat servings bursting with exceptional flavours, vivid colours and rich aromas. Delicious.


Iran is located in West Asia and borders the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman. Its mountains, as well as helping to shape both the political and the economic history of the country, enclose several broad basins, or plateaus, on which important agricultural settlements are located. It is from these fertile plains and vast groves of the desert oases that our products are born.

Also from Marvel Food Corporation are premium Ahmad Aghaei pistachios from Rafsanjan—the best quality pistachios available—and Mazafati dates from Bam. Our dates are kept refrigerated while in transit and at retail ensuring extra freshness and high moisture content—these aren’t dried dates! And you’ll truly be amazed by the taste.

Dates: Iran exported more than 35,000 tonnes of citrus fruits valued at $20.8 million to 36 countries in 2008. Iran is among the largest producers of berries and stone fruits in the world, especially pomegranates, dates, figs and cherries.

Pistachios: Iran ranks as the world’s largest pistachio producer and exporter. After oil and carpets, pistachios are Iran’s biggest export: about 200,000 tonnes for $840 million in 2015. More than 350,000 people earn a living from the nut and Iran’s share of the global pistachio market reached 50 percent in 2015.


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