They said, “find your passion and then turn it into your daily job”!  

Lucky for us, our passion was food! Not too shabby, eh? So we gathered some other foodies in a small, uniquely cozy, albeit tastelessly decored room and brainstormed ideas. The diversity of the group allowed our minds to be open and wander wild and then finally, we thought, “hey, let’s bring the best of whatever is out there to Canada!”

Marvel Food Corp., home to Farside Foods, was born out of the passion our founding members had for food; a love child really! The brand itself was created by the minds in that small, cozy and poorly decorated room.

Farside has a hidden meaning, besides the obvious. You can take “Fars” out of the world and voila, Fars=Pars=Persia! See what happened there? And the fun part is, Fars-ide (فارس آید) can sort of translate into “Persia is coming”! Some might argue that that’s not true to which we’ll gladly ignore!

But Farside is much more than Persian cuisine. We envision a future where a diverse line of ethnic and modern food is gathered under the same name. A name that we hope would become a staple in a lot of households.

Our motto is simple: Make the exotic your tradition!

Remember how we used to treat Avocados back in the day? Like a treasured alien trophy? While at the same time Avocado rooting nations most probably rolled their eyes at us! We successfully made that “exotic” our “tradition”, right?  Avocado Chai Latte anyone?


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