A Special Treat for Oktoberfest Lovers

With October right around the corner, we thought that it’d be a good idea to take a moment and appreciate what Oktoberfest is all about.

Well yes, there will be food there; and delicious types at that too! There are also other attractions if you’re the competitive type and enjoy swordplay and ax-throwing.

You can also walk around, say hi to your friends, nod at familiar faces and even meet new people. Oktoberfest is a social event after all and “socializing” is merely a must.

But let’s talk about the soul of Oktoberfest, shall we?

Let’s talk about the beer and what a treat it is to be able to taste and moan to hundreds of them. Whether you are an ale lover or a lager enthusiast, Oktoberfest will satisfy your thirst.

When visiting the festival in 2015, our group was adamant to drown themselves in the festivity that the event had to offer. Like a colony of honeybees suddenly released from their hive, we ventured in different directions as soon as we got in and ultimately, lost each other in the crowd.

One specific friend, whom I’m going to call the “queen” in this post, had been on a mission to try every single beer type she could handle, “I’m not hungry though,” She had said before we arrived at the event, “I probably won’t have food,” I had looked at her with surprise, “Well, drinking on an empty stomach is not fun,” Another friend told her, “I’ll be fine,” She had commented nonchalantly.

I had lost sight of the queen as well when we all went our separate ways and quite honestly, I was a little worried about her. She’s a big girl, of course, and she knows how to handle her alcohol, but the good friend that I am, I was still skeptical about the whole “more beer, no food” rule she had going on!

It wasn’t too long before I found her again, standing by herself with a goblet of beer in one hand and a fist full of pistachios in another, “Where did you get those?” I asked when I finally reached her, “I always have some in my pocket,” She replied back as she munched away.

She handed me some then as I too started nibbling on the savoury delight.

The taste was exquisite!

The saltiness of the pistachios really complemented the bittersweet flavour of the beer and I found myself quite content with the overall experience.

The queen and I are definitely checking out the festival this year as well, (is one of those “must do’s” during October after all) and this time I’m going to make sure to bring my own stash of pistachios.

Because you never know, I might end up meeting one of you and since I’ve already revealed my love affair with pistachios I have to be prepared to share some of that pleasure.

Because you know what they say, “The more we share, the more we have,” And I definitely don’t mind having more pistachios!






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