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And discover how easy it is to enjoy authentic, healthy, and traditional Persian cuisine. No need to spend hours in the kitchen or looking for special ingredients. Farside dips, soups, and stews are made from fresh ingredients and cooked in small batches for guaranteed exceptional taste with rich vibrant colour and aroma — genuine Iranian foods from Farside brought to you in convenient, ready-to-eat, delicious meals. Noosh–e–jan!

Ask your local grocer about Farside food products: dips, soups, stews, premium pistachios, and Mazafati dates.

Traditional Persian Cuisine by Farside

Discover healthy and traditional Persian cuisine from Farside. Authentic ingredients, cooked in small batches and always packed fresh so Farside products have exceptional taste and rich vibrant colours and aroma. Authentic, traditional and convenient. Make the exotic your tradition.


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